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Welcome to the updated site

Here it is only July and I have finally updated the site.

Since my last update, Katy and I completed our move to TX, we are settled in here though we are not completely fond of El Paso, it will suffice for now.

My retirement ceremony was on the 2nd of April and the actual last day of Active Duty was the 30th of July. While on terminal leave, I recieved a call from a couple companies with interest in me. I had only uploaded a resume to a couple of sites and one of the three companies which called was SGIS, I started working for them on the 1st of July. It was a mixed feeling though as I had been enjoying my days off but sooner or later I was bound to have to return to work. I am still working with a couple of agencies regarding positions that have been offered yet could be over a year before the start, I am happy with what I have for now.

Katy is back in school and working full time, she is working to finish her Bachelors in Nursing while attending the University of Texas El Paso.

I will put up some pictures shortly, right now I only have the MotoGP weekend up. Two days at Laguna Seca with great people was a blast though I needed a break after the trip.

More coming soon! I hope everyone is doing well!

We have had comments that some were missing the added photos and enjoyed visiting to see what Katy and I are currently up to. Though we have moved from AK, we don't take as many pictures as we used to we will try to keep this up to date and have tried to do so with a fresh look. After all, you know that we are not good at sending out Christmas cards or other letters!

Some of our photos may cross sections, for instance, in 2008 Katy and I drove to Wyoming for my 20th reunion, coincidentally, there was a BMW rally in Gillette the following weekend. As I attended the rally, Katy went to Alaska to fish and see close friends, the trip resulted in Three sections of photos but some are combined with the others.

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